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Aspire K3 Battery UK | Vape Pen 510 Mod



510 Connector
Compatible with Aspire K3 Vape Tank
A 1200 mAh Battery
Provides 5.5 Volt
Suitable for 18mm or less vape tank

USB Re-Chargable

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Aspire K3 Battery UK

Aspire K3 Battery in UK is a high-quality Re-Chargeable Vape Pen 510 mod for Aspire K3 tank that is ideal for someone who likes his vape kit simple without worrying about setting of voltage, power Or resistance. It is a fixed 5.5 Volt mod with a button to turn it on or off. It can fires up power between 16-18 watts depending on the coil of K3 Tank 


Aspire K3 Mod has 510 Connector
Compatible with Aspire K3 Vape Tank
Compatible with Tanks having 1.6 Ohms Or 1.8 Ohms Vape Coils and 18mm or less base diameter
5 Click ON/OFF Button with LED indicator.
USB Re-Charging
Over-Discharge and Over-Charge Protection
Vape Tank Short-circuit protection

18mm Base width
Available in Black and Pink


You have to be at least 18 years of Age to place order for this Vape Kit. Please see our  Terms & Conditions



Inhale Type

Mouth-To-Lungs (MTL)


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