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Vaping Etiquettes: The 8 Rules All Vapers Should Follow

We discuss vaping etiquettes and rules all vapers should follow.

The biggest reason people start vaping is to decrease their cigarette use or eliminate it entirely. However, the average person still tends to link vapour with smoke and assumes that vapes are just as harmful as cigarettes.

This, combined with many vapers not adhering to vaping etiquette, has created a bad impression of vaping in the public eye.

To help clear things up as an UK online vape shop, we’ve compiled some rules that we believe all vapers ought to follow:

Rule 1: Ask for Permission

Whether you’re at a friend’s house or in their car, always ask their permission before you fire up a vape. Even if they agree to it, you should remember never to smoke indoors. Lastly, if you’re at someone’s house that isn’t a close friend or family member, it’s best not to vape at all.

Rule 2: No Vaping on Public Transport

Whether you’re on the bus, the tube, or a train, do your fellow passengers the courtesy of not vaping. Not only do most forms of public transportation ban vaping, but it’s also quite inconsiderate to be puffing out large clouds in an enclosed space.

Rule 3: No Vaping While You Wait

In a queue? No matter where you’re waiting in line, resist the urge to vape. Firstly, it won’t make the time pass any faster. Secondly, even with social distancing measures in place, it’s still a rude thing to do.

Rule 4: No Exhaling in Someone’s Face

This particular gesture is distasteful at best and unhygienic at worst. If you enjoy exhaling massive clouds of vapour that smell like Berry Blast vape juice, we get it. Just do it when you’re not surrounded by others. If you’re vaping in the company of other people, settle for a discreet, low-key exhale instead.

Rule 5: Don’t Assume It’s A Turn On For Others or Vice Versa

If you’re going to vape, do it because you enjoy it. That’s the only reason that matters. Accordingly, don’t assume it automatically makes you attractive (or unattractive) to others. Vapers do just fine on the romance front, so remember that you’re more than the vape you use.

Rule 6: Don’t Vape in a Restaurant

Indoor dining is about to resume once more, so remember not to power up your vape and start dragging away while you’re waiting for your meal. Most restaurants don’t allow it, whereas others may have a designated smoking area.

Rule 7: On A Holiday? Don’t Vape in Your Hotel

When you’re booking a room, remember to ask the hotel about their vaping policies. They may or may not allow it in rooms, or they might have special rules in place. Either way, confirm with staff before you decide to start vaping in your room.

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Rule 8: Vaping in Your Home? Do It Right

If you live by yourself, then there’s nothing to stop you from vaping wherever you want in your home. However, if you live with family or housemates, or if you have guests over, do them the courtesy of asking if they’d be okay with your vaping. Yes, it’s your house, and your rules may apply, but it’s still a polite habit.

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