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Troubleshooting Common Vape And Cartridge Issues

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Vaping is common these days but as discreet and clean these vape pens (or cartridges) are, there’s a risk of trouble. Some problems are commonplace in the vape community, but not every problem is caused due to manufacturing issues.

Some vaping issues are easy to resolve if you understand how to do it right. Read further to find out vaping issues and how to troubleshoot them.

Vape Cartridges

Before identifying problems and troubleshooting tips, you must know the types of vapes. Each type can have different issues.

Disposal Vapes

Disposal Vapes have an attached battery with a .4 to .5g quantity. They’re not rechargeable and last for 75-120 draws.

Reusable Vapes

Standard cartridges also known  as vape tanks are attachable to 510 batteries. These vape cartridges are refillable  and comes with batteries/mods that are rechargeable, allowing the user to try and switch a variety of strains and brands.

A man vaping

Vaping Issues and Troubleshooting Tips

What to Try First?

Before you troubleshoot your cartridge or pen, ensure that the battery is not overtightened and screwed on. Overtightened batteries will keep your cartridge from working properly. Also, ensure your battery is fully charged.

Problem Inhaling

This issue occurs when the cartridge feels clogged, making the airflow difficult. The cartridge wick can be too saturated to draw. Try these tips:

  • Attach the cartridge to the battery and bring it to your mouth at 45o for optimum flow. Take extended, strong draws to clear excess oil from the chamber.
  • Attach the cartridge to the battery and rub it in your palms for 20 seconds or until it’s warm.

Separate the battery from the cartridge and place the latter inside a small bag and seal it. Soak the bag into warm water for a maximum of 2 minutes to warm the oil without any cartridge damage.

No Battery Light Glowing

Battery lights work as indicators to ensure your vape is working fine.

  • If the battery does not flash or glow, it means it has either reached its end or become defective.
  • If the light flashes multiple times, it indicates a full battery charge. The single charge indicates the end of life or defect.
  • A solid light glow indicates optimal function. It should continue for an hour until full recharge, followed by a solid flash before the glow stops.

Cartridge Connection Issue

Be careful while screwing the cartridge on the battery. Slowly twist until the cartridge snugs. When you overtighten the cartridge or pen, the metal ring gets pressed too deep. This causes connectivity issues.

  • Use the paper clip to pry open or twist the metal ring.
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