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Nic Salts E Liquid UK – True Salts Cloudy Lemonade Flavour


true salts


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Premium Lemonade Flavour
Nicotine Salt Base Juice

Suitable for MTL Vape Kit

50%/50% PG/VG  |  10ml
10mg And 20mg Nicotine Strength

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Cloudy lemonade Nic Salts E Liquid UK by True salts flavour taste incredible and gives a pleasant throat hit. Nic salt juice is a collection of purified E-liquids blending, carefully formulated with sterling flavors and full-bodied salt nicotine for a complete and flavorful vaping experience. Further, Nic salt has a sterling flavor profile that brings sweet, tart, and less intense hit. If you are not a fan of an intense throat hit but want some pleasant inhale for your taste buds, then cloudy lemonade is what you need.

True Salts Cloudy lemonade is a perfect blend of juicy lemonade, hints of lemon zest, and balanced sweetness to create an excellent taste to your flavor notes. It is available in a 10ml bottle.

Nicotine Strength of Cloudy Lemonade Nic Salts E Liquid UK

This E-liquid comes in 10mg and 20mg nicotine strength. Not like other E-liquids, that gives a harsh hit on the throat at 20mg. Nic salt UK hits a smooth and less intense throat at 20mg.

True Salts Cloudy Lemonade PG/VG Ratio

This E-liquid undoubtedly provides a fantastic blend of juicy lemonade that gives a perfect mouth-to-lung vaping experience to vaping community. The concentration fraction has 50% vegetable glycerin( VG), 50% propylene glycol (PG) and contains excellent quality food flavorings and salt nicotine.

True Salts Brand

When it comes to high nicotine delivery, True salts are the best in the business. They also offer sixteen exciting flavors to the vaping community. All the E-liquids by True salts are manufactured in UK with IVG, famous worldwide for producing high nicotine vape juices.




UK Made E-Liquid


You have to be at least 18 years of Age to place order for this E-Liquid. Please see our  Terms & Conditions


True Salts


Drinks, Fruits

Pg/Vg Ratio




Nicotine Salt Strength



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