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Aspire Athos Tank UK | Sub-Ohms Vape Atomizer



Sub-Ohms Tank
Comes with A3 And A5 Coils
Supports 60-120 watts Mod
Compatible with A1, A3 and A5 Athos Coils
Suitable for Mods with 25mm Atomizer Base

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Aspire Athos Tank in UK is an ideal atomizer for someone who likes massive cloud and wants the e-liquid taste to be perfect. It has a top-filling system for mess-free vape liquid filling and bottom air-flow to control the tightness of your inhale.

The Vape Tank has steel construction and comes in TPD compliant 2ml capacity. This Vape Atomizer supports Mods with a tank base of a diameter of 25mm or more. Depending on the Coils, it supports Vape Mods having power of up to 120 watts.


Compatible Aspire Athos Vape Coils

The Aspire Athos Vape Tank in UK supports A1, A3 and A5 Aspire Athos Coils.
A1 Athos Coil: 0.16 Ohms resistance and supports 85-100 Watts power.
A3 Athos Coil: 0.3 Ohms resistance and supports 60-75 Watts power.
A5 Athos Coil: 0.16 Ohms resistance and supports 100-120 Watts power.



Adjustable Air-flow
Sub-Ohms Vape Atomizer
Steel Construction with Glass Tube
Comes with A5 and A3 Aspire Athos Coils
Compatible with Vape Mod of 60-120 watts
Supports A1, A3 and A5 Aspire Athos coils
25mm Base width
Available in Black, Silver Steel, Grey, Rose Gold


You have to be at least 18 years of Age to place order for this Vape Kit. Please see our  Terms & Conditions



Inhale Type

Direct-To-Lungs (DL)


Black, Steel Silver, Grey, Rose Gold

Accessories Type

Vape Tank


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