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Vaping And Driving - What you should know

Driving And Vaping – Should Brits Vape While Driving

Vaping is not yet considered illegal while driving but one should be aware of any hindrance the vaping could cause while driving.
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If you drive and vape, then you will surely know how irresistible sometimes vaping could become especially after few hours behind the wheels. But before you put your hand on your beloved device, you should consider if it’s safe to do so. Though vaping is not illegal while driving, but one could get fines and points if the law enforcement officer considers the cloud from the vape is causing visual impairment and can cause an accident.

Why drivers shouldn’t Vape while Driving?

Vaping can be considered a cause of distraction just like eating or using a mobile phone while driving and can cause a severe collision. Nick Llyod, Head of Road Safety at RoSPA said that according to Road accident data, in 2018, 2647 driving accidents resulted due to some form of driver distraction.

If an enforcement officer believes that the cloud from the vaping is causing severe visual obstruction and can cause an accident, the driver can be fined £100 and three points on the license. In more severe cases, the fine can increase to thousands and the driver may end up in court and get a driving ban. In addition to fine and ban risk, the driver should also consider how the insurance company will respond if there is a collision while vaping. Most insurance doesn’t cover damages or losses due to a collision that involved vape clouds causing the driver vision impairment.

Considering the safety or yours and others, it’s better not to take chances and should pull over to a safer place to vape.

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